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The underachiever label is an unfair stereotype that many of us have had to live with throughout our lives. We hope that this scholarship can give a fair chance to NBHS students that may not have the best grades, may not be heavily involved in extracurricular clubs or organizations, but still deserve an opportunity to show what they are capable of. We hope that this scholarship will not only give them a much-needed financial boost amid record tuition costs and inflation rates, but also give them the belief that being labeled an “underachiever” does not define who they are.

The Voting PRocess

Anyone who donates $20 or more will be given a vote on which submission should win. (no one receives more than one vote, regardless of donation amount)
Votes will be cast after the submissions are closed on April 21. THE Winner will be formally announced April 30th and the check will be presented at the NBHS scholarship ceremony on may 18th.