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  • – The student has to be a graduating high school student at New Bern High School
  • – The student has to submit an application of their choice to about why they feel that they are an underachiever and how they plan to break the stigma. This can be as simple as an essay (no word count or page limit), creative video, or presentation.
  • – There are no limitations on what they can or should submit; students are encouraged to be as creative as possible when submitting their “application.”

When will a winner be announced

January 20

scholarship is officially Launched on NBHS Website

April 28

Final Deadline for Submissions, donors are sent submissions

May 5

Donors vote to review submissions and decide a winner

WAnt to Donate?

Anyone who donates $20 or more will be included in the voting process.

Check out our contact page for more information!

Current Donation Amount